I provide Graphic Design, Web Design, and Illustration services for people.

My name is Sean Henderson. I live in Philadelphia, PA.

Welcome to my online home. I am glad you stopped by. This site is currently being updated. I have learned a lot since building this one, version aims to be more friendly to you. I have also started a new business. Quality Roofing Services in Philadelphia, PA, check us out when you get a chance.

What Do I do? I design affordable websites that are clean, easy to use, and search engine friendly. I also specialize in the design of print media. The purpose of either format is to deliver a message, to let it be heard, remembered, and acted upon. Perception is key in business and in life. What is your brands image saying to your audience?


Featured Work

This Illustration utilizes Photo Collage and Digital Mixed media Techniques. The inspiration came from Buddhist teachings. So often we seek fulfillment in various material things. Things that will give us peace. Buddhism teaches awareness, to be present in the moment. Peace is to be found within. This illustration speaks to finding a balance between material and spiritual pursuits.

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When asked to design a logo for a local softball league I jumped at the opportunity. I have always been drawn to logos for sports teams and leagues. My design decision was an emblem. Here we have some important symbolism, the shield form represents protection and strength while the triangle represents unity. I also went with a color scheme that has a vintage feel. This logo was created in Adobe Illustrator.

Other Cool Stuff

What I Am Working On

Illustration-Graphic Design

This is a drawing of a Pirranha. I will soon be developing it into a polished Vector Illustration. I can't wait to get working on it.

People I Follow

Mather of Web-Wis-Dom - Friend, Classmate, Designer

Julius Deangelus - Friend, Writer, blogging his journey to publication.

Katie Chance - Friend, Runner, One foot in front of the other, accumulating some stories along the way.